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Power Module Loss Simulator (Requires Registration)

This is a simulation software designed for the power loss calculation with Mitsubishi Electric power modules under customers specific application conditions (2-level*1 and 3-level*2 inverter circuit) and for junction temperature rises as a consequence of power loss.

  • *1:3-phase and 2-phase PWM modulation, chopper control
  • *2:Neutral pointed clamped circuit


Heat Sink Thermal Modeling Tool (RTOOLS-MAXX Air and Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Selector Tool)

Fuse Cross Reference


Mersen Knowledge Center

Mersen Knowledge Center is Mersen's official online training portal for distributors, engineers, and end users. We have gathered for you a broad library of courses to introduce students to basics of electricity, fuses and surge protection products along with their typical application information.
The courses are free to take and easy to sign up for!

Fuse Selection Tool 

Just input your application (motor, heating, lighting, transformers, capacitors, etc.) and automatically find the correct fuse.

Power Distribution Blocks

FUSE-ion Configurator and Selector Tool
For configuring Fused Coordination Panelboards, Fusible Shunt Trip Disconnects, and Multi-Unit Fusible Shunt Trip Panels

Switch Selector Tool (Desktop Application)

Find a switch, enclosed switch, or elevator switch that is perfect for your design.


Bus Bar Design Optimization Companion

Bus Bar Calculator provides all the values to help designers make bus bar In a wide variety of converters.

Busbar Advantages
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Strueter / TIMTEL Thermal Interface Material

  • UltraPhase 60-High Performance Dielectric Thermal Material
  • XoPhase 45- Phase change film in standard sizing
  • ActaPhase 60-Non-Dielectric Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials
  • DiaPhase 60-High Performance Dielectric Thermal Material
  • SilverPhase 50-Electrically Conductive SILVER Filled 50oPhase Change Material 
  • SILTEL-Thermally Conductive Silicone Films, Gap Pads, Dispensable Gap Fillers

Typical Applications

Transitor Devices (TO-218, TO-220, TO-247, TO-264)
Non-insolated Devices
Diodes / Relays
Power Supply | UPS Systems
Power Semiconductor
RF Components
LED Assembly
Heat Sink | Case Sink
Chassis Assembly
Single or Multi-Device Pad Configurations