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Power Module Loss Simulator (Requires Registration)

This is a simulation software designed for the power loss calculation with Mitsubishi Electric power modules under customers specific application conditions (2-level*1 and 3-level*2 inverter circuit) and for junction temperature rises as a consequence of power loss.

  • *1:3-phase and 2-phase PWM modulation, chopper control
  • *2:Neutral pointed clamped circuit


Mersen Power Electronics Tool Kit

Heat Sink Thermal Modeling Tool
Fuse Cross Reference


Fuse Selection Tool 

Just input your application (motor, heating, lighting, transformers, capacitors, etc.) and automatically find the correct fuse.

Power Distribution Block Tool 

Use this online tool to quickly find a power distribution block for your application by entering your desired attributes from pre-populated drop-down menu.

Power Distribution Block Tool (Desktop Application)

Download this desktop application to quickly and accurately choose the right residential, commercial, and industrial PDB.

Switch Selector Tool (Desktop Application)

Find a switch, enclosed switch, or elevator switch that is perfect for your design.

Busbar Advantages
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Create Your Capacitor
"Customer Finds Savings"
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18 pulse Auto Transformer

AOS Thermal Compound
Find the perfect THERMAL COMPOUND for your application


PQS Power Quality Simulator

  • PQS is a Power Quality Simulation tool for planners, consultants and application engineers
  • It enables the accurate modelling and simulation of low voltage 3-phase network topologies
  • Simulation of power, current and voltage at all network nodes
  • PQS supports the proper selection of harmonics mitigation technologies
  • The tool verifies the compliance with selected power quality standards
  • It provides comfortable reporting features
  • Particularly suitable for systems with variable speed drives