Southeast Power Components Inc. was formed in 1986 as a Manufacturer’s Representative specializing in Electronic Component Sales. Powerex, the initial principal was the joint venture combination of the power semiconductor operations of Westinghouse, General Electric and Mitsubishi. From that starting point, we added additional principles with complementary products. We serve many electronic markets such as Motor Control, Telecommunications, HVAC, Appliance, Lighting, UPS, Alternate Energy, Transportation, Welding and Induction Heating. Today, we are the sales and marketing arm for over 20 principals and our primary role is demand creation for their products and services. Our served geography includes the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. We introduce technology and support to our customers through a complementary menu of products for their electronic and mechanical applications. We provide a coordinated sales and technical function that efficiently supports the customer’s needs. In coordination with our technical competency we have established an inside sales organization that provides ongoing customer service and proactive care. We are dedicated to matching our customer’s needs to our manufacturers capabilities and providing continuing service with the highest level of integrity and commitment.

Our Offices and Territory

Our offices in Greensboro, NC and Huntsville, AL collaborate on customers across our territory in order to provide “the best team on the field” for each customer and manufacturer's needs.

Manufacturer Prosperity

We focus on our clients, and are dedicated to ensuring our manufacturers growth and prosperity.

Sales Team

Our sales team is comprised of some of the best, brightest and most passionate people in the industry. Although from varied backgrounds, our representatives share the same vision and common values.


Each team member has extensive knowledge and experience of our products. With over 100 years of combined  experience, our inside and outside sales teams are prepared to handle any issue that may arise.


We work with engineers to provide solutions and make designs quickly achievable.


Our Inside Sales Team provides support long after a PO has been placed.